Key’s to Developing New Business Units


The goal of this post is to introduce you to four components that I believe are the key to creating, developing and maintaining new business units within a company.  If the new unit is the tabletop then these components are the legs supporting that top. Throughout this blog and the subjects we will explore, these four themes will continue to emerge and be developed.


I believe this is the key to success with any new business unit. Without focused and intentional leadership the new unit will likely flounder in mediocrity until the doors are finally shut. The type of leadership you will read about in this blog is not the glamorous type. It is the hard working, first in/last out, willing to do the grunt work, support the team kind of leadership. It’s not about sitting atop the ivory tower kind of leadership, but rather the foundation the ivory tower is built on.


As you begin to build your division, you are going to need help. Lots and lots of help. This help is going to come from a wide variety of places and many different types of people. Some people you will really enjoy working with and some people, not so much. But like it or not, they are all key to your division’s success. We will look at where to find some of these key relationships and how to develop them.


Developing your team is the next major step that needs to be taken in order to grow the new operation. The assembly and care of the team is the single most important task you will fulfill as the manager of the division. As the department continues to grow, there will need to be more and more teams to get all the work done. Your job is to ensure the teams have the tools they need to succeed and to create healthy communication channels for all team members.


The final pieces of the puzzle are the new systems that need to get built. These systems will help you and your team run the department in an effective and efficient manner. However, without properly establishing the previous three pieces, there is no real need to even start working on the systems. Unfortunately, this is the first place many new division leaders start. I myself have been guilty of this. This is not to say we don’t start building systems right out of the gates, because we should.  We just need to make sure that we are providing ample time to developing the teams and relationships that are needed to grow the business as well. That being said, I will spend a lot of time talking about some systems that in my opinion are very important to the success of your new operation.

One last thing to remember about designing new systems and new products is that simpler is always better.

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