Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website! My name is Josh Dragon, and I hope the information you find here can help you and your team transform innovative ideas to actual business units within your company.

Many of the ideas and strategies you will find here are built around my core beliefs about team building and leadership. To have a great idea is not enough, you have to be able to take it to the market. To do that, you need help from a lot of great people. You need a great team. But having the team is still not enough. You need to connect the team to the idea. You need to lead. My goal is for this website to help you with these endeavors.


A little bit about me. I was born and raised in the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s, the greatest mountain range on earth. I grew up skiing, biking, hiking, and climbing all over the Sierra’s. Many of the lessons I have learned about leadership, being a team member, and overcoming fears, are a byproduct of the adventures (or misadventures) I have had in those mountains.

I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) back in 2006. I am a registered and practicing Professional Engineer in the State of Nevada. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration from UNR, and will graduate spring of 2016.

Since 2011, I have worked in a start-up division of a construction materials manufacturer who services the Western United Sates. Two years later, I was given the incredible opportunity to become the Division Manager of that product line. My team and I are responsible for the design, manufacturing, and sales of large scale stormwater/wastewater pump stations throughout the west coast.

When I am not working or studying, I am most likely up in the mountains with the greatest team ever. My wife and our two little kids.

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