Teach your team to succeed every day

arper-aston-office-chairs-custom-conference-tableHave you ever left work feeling like you worked nonstop all day, except you have absolutely no idea what you did? It was like you were there, you were working, but nothing worthwhile actually happened.

How about the constant interruptions all day? You sat down at your desk this morning knowing generally what you needed to get done,  then the phone rang, or your boss walked in, or your buddy down the hall chatted you up all morning about his weekend at the beach. Now it is four thirty, and just like before you have nothing to show for the day’s work. Continue reading

Why Work Life Balance is a Farce

Every day I feel torn between my personal life and my work life. The two seem to be in constant opposition to each other and each demand more and more of my time at the sacrifice of the other. As I yield to one the other often suffers and vice versa.

No Work Life BalanceWhat if there was a better way? I believe that all too often we strive to create very distinct compartments for our personal and professional lives, without taking into consideration that they might actually be symbiotic systems. Continue reading